London 2012 Summer Olympics: best london restaurants & Bar list #1

July, 17 2012 09:00

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This year London looks like the centre of the world. Maybe at one time it was "only" the stronghold of design, but now it is a meltin' pot of events about design, arts, culture and sports.
I am sure that the main appointment for most people is the oncoming Summer Olympic Games, from 27 of July to 12 of August. Not only because people love sports or because this is an historical and very important cultural moment, but also for the big architectural's investments.
Many international architects, designers and artists project buildings and infrastructure for new London urban spaces.

So, if you will go to London during the Olympic Games, there are some design restaurants that I want to recommend you!

203 Upper Richmond Road - Putney - London SW15 6SG
Interior design: Liquidesign


The idea behind Artisan Coffee is very simple: to design an entire cafe around Liquidesign's Splice Stool. The owner specified a range of fufniture and lighting including full splice collection, lamp shades, chairs, tables and stools.

Final look is a mash-up of raw and very simple style, with a palette of warm colors.





20 New Change Passage - London EC4M 9AG
Interior Design: Tom Dixon Design Research Studio


Barbecoa was created to be a home to cooking with wood and coal in a variety of ways, inspired by traditional cooking methods. The colour's palette is inspired by the cooking: pinks and reds of the meat, blues and greens from smoke and herbs.
The space includes a 200 seater restaurant, 40 seater bar, a take-away venue and onsite butcher shop. The scheme maximises views of neighbouring St Paul's cathedral with a furniture layout that allows every customer to see the London landmark.





Old Quebec Street - London W1C 1LZ
Interior design: B3 Designers



Carbon features an interior inspired by industrial architecture and brings low-key, yet chic Shoreditch style to the West End. The interior of Carbon is a fusion of concrete, brick, steel, mesh and leather; contrasting against the inviting, outsized Chesterfields, bevelled mirrors and sketches of 21st century industrial living that cover the walls.
The toilets continue the theme of industrial glamour and excess: the walls are adorned with mock blueprints that explain how to handle 20th century tools. The ladies’ washrooms feature scribbled instructions detailing how to handle heavy-duty machinery, including drills and sanders. The gentlemen’s toilets show similar instructions; but on second glimpse, the instructions scrawled on to the walls are from the operating manuals for ovens, irons and household objects.






311-318 High Holborn - Camden - London WC1V 7PU
Interior design: Stiff + Trevillion Architects


The brief with Costa Coffee was to develop a new concept to deliver to a younger, trendier, more cosmopolitan audience with the flexibility to change every part of the brand concept except the logo. Within just six months from the original briefing the first outlet opened with key features including a lower counter, more visible coffee production, lots of stainless steel and a deli-style ambience. The new-style stores are being rolled out throughout London.





3-5 Rathbone Place - London - W1T 1HJ
Design: 'i-am' associates
Selected for Restaurant and Bar Design Award 2012 - category "Standalone Restaurant"



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