Beach Library by Matali Crasset

July, 26 2013 10:00

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One of the best things about a beach holiday is the amount of time you have to relax and read a book in the sun.


But what happens when you forget the book at home?





Designer Matali Crasset has come up with a creative solution, the Mobile Beach Library. Currently situated in France, on the shores of La Romaniquette in D’Istres, the ‘bibliothèque de plage’ is a colourful and humble canopy that provides around 300 titles, including novels that the designer feels particularly close to.





Made to fit in with the other local kiosks, the large canopy protects the books and visitors from the scorching sun, while the three surrounding tents provide a place where the readers can sit and relax in the shade.





 Image © Philippe Piron