Woven Furniture by AndreyAndShay

August, 8 2013 10:00

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Andrey Grishko, industrial design graduate from Tel Aviv, has created for his bachelor’s degree final project a machine that can print 3D woven furniture and products using a resin-soaked thread that spins around a purposely built mould.





Using a plastic cup filled with pigmented resin, the Woven Furniture is created by dipping the fibreglass thread into the resin, which is then taught and stretched with the help of a computer-controlled arm around the mould.




Woven Furniture by AndreyAndShay from Dezeen on Vimeo.




Once dried, the mould is removed to reveal a lightweight, thin but strong object, in this case a lampshade or stool.





"Open source and 3D printing are a part of a growing set of tools that allow today's designer operate as a micro-manufacturer that defines his own conditions for producing his products," says Grishko.





Images © AndreyAndShay