Triluminos Display by Sony

June, 28 2013 10:00

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Sony has come out with their latest TV screen technology called Triluminos display, a special technology that reproduces more colour tones and textures than the standard LED screens. As described by the Sony representative, think of it as a box of coloured pencils, Triluminos display utilises a large box with varying shades of greens, blues reds and everything in between while conventional LED screens have a smaller box of coloured pencils and therefore fewer shades to draw upon.





Famous for making awe-inspiring adverts, Sony Europe has asked director Raoul Rodriguez to create the advert for the Sony Bravia W9 Triluminos, the shots made with a Phantom Flex camera and a new high-tech robot “MAX” (produced by Be-ready).


The advert:




The making of the advert: