The art of travel with Louis Vuitton

June, 12 2013 10:00

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Louis Vuitton … reconnects with its founding purpose as an adventurer in service of creative design.”


A selection of established and upcoming contemporary designers have been working with Louis Vuitton to create the ultimate travel collection, first presented during Miami Design Week 2012 and now currently available in the shops.






The luxury collection “Objets Nomades” comprises of 16 pieces by designers such as Maarten Bas, Atelier Oi, Nendo and the Campana Brothers that include hanging chairs, lamps, furniture and travel accessories, all made using Louis Vuitton’s signature nomade leather. The scope of the collection was to produce a limited series of foldable and modular furniture to facilitate the modern travellers.


Roll-out Lamp by Nendo



'maracatu' hanging travel cabinet by Campana Brothers



Solar-powered 'Bell-Lamp' by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby



 Stool by Atelier Oi



'Col de voyage' by Constance Guisset



Stools by Patricia Urquiola 



Beach Chair by Maarten Bas




Images from Dezeen, Designboom.