The Hovering Lamp (JC04)

May, 4 2012 16:30

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Traditional Japanese craftsmanship and ultra-modern technology is an unbeatable combination: futuristic concepts with perfectly clean designs.
The JC04 Glass Lighting is the result of such ideas, the prototype unveiled during Milan Design Week 2012 at the Japan Creative space.
No strings attached, no hidden supports, no arms and no legs. This is a pure glass dome-shaped lamp flying, or hovering, over a table, its secrets hidden away in its interior.


JC04: Image from Japan Creative


The technology used to create this piece comes from Yeongkyu Yoo, a Korean designer specialised in high-tech who has worked for Samsung, LG Electronics, Motorola etc, and has opened his own studio “Cloudandoco” in Seoul in 2010.

In collaboration with Yeongkyu Yoo, Mihoya Glass provided the traditional Japanese glass craftsmanship to create the dome-shaped lamp. Mihoya Glass, founded in 1909 in Tokyo, is renowned for its group of artisans who specialize in glass design.


Outside appearance of Japan Creative - Museo Luciano Minguzzi

I can finally reveal the secret behind the hovering lamp. It’s a very simple concept. Within the lamp and under the table there are two magnets of the same pole that, as most of us who studied physics know, repel, thus creating the hovering lamp. A bit like the Shinkanzen bullet train!