The Dynamic Jewels by Andrea Giunti

December, 6 2013 10:00

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Most of us have a weird little habit that kicks in automatically when, for example, we are forced to wait in a queue, when we feel uncomfortable or simply bored.


It could be biting our nails, torturing our fingers or hair, or playing with pieces of jewelry; whatever it is, this spontaneous action gives us temporary relief, a little subconscious break from the stressful and awkward situations we find ourselves.


The dynamic jewels designed and produced by Andrea Giunti try, not without a bit of malice, to make their way into these habits, encouraging us to focus on them and their hidden mechanisms, producing wonderful and magical miracles.

Arecibo and Magnetica rings, for example, contain little magnets that when put into motion affect the arrangement of the iron powder on their surface.

The Slant series has a black laser-engraved Plexiglas sheet that reveals its design only when it’s viewed at a specific angle, producing a diamond-shaped hologram that seems almost real.
Lunatica and Lunatica Wood change their shape when turning the little gears, just like a lunatic person continuously changes his/her mood.

Andrea, born in Florence 26 years ago, designs and produces his jewels all by himself, matching traditional artisanal techniques with more advanced technologies, like microcasting. His works are characterized by a strong artisanal expertise, which is stunning considering his young age, and an incredible care for the details, underlined by the fact that Andrea handcrafts even the boxes in which these pieces are delivered.



 Images © Andrea Giunti