The BiG(gest) piece of glass...

May, 24 2012 16:00

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BiG is the latest piece created by Glass artist Jeremy Wintrebert and his close-knit team.

It's a complex project inspired by personal story of Jeremy (but this is another the video to listen to it) which has evolved in this really big stuff.


© Standard Films 2012 - A film directed by Jérôme de Gerlache





With his works, Jeremy, belongs to the latest generation of world glassmakers and is amongst the few very talented young Masters in this craft.





But a masterpiece of craftmanship and design like this, is make possible only with a perfect team work. This particular family of artists are composed by: Jeremy Wintrebert, John "Jono" lukas jr, Antoine "Ghost Dog" Brodin, Minako "Miniko" Nagamachi and Geert Boullée.