Seismic Wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco & Mapei

October, 18 2013 10:00

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Earthquakes are unpredictable: there are no warnings of when they will next strike. Scientists are studying ways to forecast the next “big one”, but there are no certainties in this field, except that houses will be flattened and the population endangered.


So when Inkiostro Bianco, a graphic design brand specialised in decorative wallpaper, and Mapei, an Italian company that produces adhesive and chemical products for buildings, got together they discussed the need to create time, that is, the time needed for people to run out of a building during an earthquake without being hit by debris falling off the walls. Quick evacuation is essential to save lives.



Clacla, design Ink Lab. Photo Paolo Golumelli



EQ Dekor is a seismic wallpaper that can be applied on both the walls and floors of a house, providing a temporary structural shield that protects the occupiers while they flee the building.



Cotton cloud, design Barbara Varini. Photo Rexa Design



“A bidirectional glass fibre fabric cladding – called MapeWrap EQ Net – applied using a strongholding single component water-based adhesive – the so-called MapeWrap EQ Adhesive – guarantees excellent performance in the event of an earthquake. Greater stability, extreme efficacy, extreme lightness and structural flexibility are just some of the benefits that this new Mapei system offers.”



Rusty grate, design Gino Venturelli. Photo Celeste Cima



With the help of Inkiostro Bianco graphic design studio, they created a collection of 60 different seismic wallpapers conceived by important designers and artists, giving the EQ Dekor collection an original and eclectic appeal that beautifies the home as well as making it safer in the event of an earthquake.



Images © Inkiostro Bianco