STUDIO NOTE in stockholm

September, 7 2012 10:00

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Stockholm based design studio NOTE was founded in 2008. Its raison d’être centres around noting something or being noted. Note’s designers pay particular attention to their surroundings, with designs often influenced by both natural and manufactured forms.

Note Design Studio works across key design disciplines including interiors, architecture and products. The SPACE on which Note has worked are both interesting and eclectic, but it was the design studio’s quirky products and objects that especially caught this writer’s attention. Here, the notion of paying heed to your surroundings is hugely apparent. Note’s designers have created products based on ‘things’ such as a beanie hat, a trapeze and a bird’s nest.
Whilst Note’s products are offbeat and curious, the Scandinavian influences of clean lines, functionality and minimal design, are very much in evidence. This fusion of somewhat unconventional and contemporary design is exciting, unabashed and funky.

Products to Note:

*** Tuck Poufs ***

These poufs are based on a beanie hat, their folded up edges being the perfect place in which to “tuck” a magazine or newspaper.

*** Boet Stools ***

Boet, meaning nest in Swedish, is a stool based on a bird’s nest in a tree. The metal bowl of the stool has a soft cork seat on which to sit.
Boet will be exhibited at DESIGNJUNCTION during LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL from 19-23 September 2012.

*** The Boop Sofa/Boop Monochrome ***

Boop’s playful design is colour-synchronised across all of its elements, keeping its facade clean and flowing.

*** Trapets ***
Based on a classic circus trapeze, the shade appears to be draped over a wooden pole. This was designed for Swedish brand

***  The Duesphere Family  ***

These lamps are based on tiny fungi that live in the deep green moss of the forest, the top half visible, the bottom half underground. The two spheres, one hand-blown glass and one wood, represent this dichotomy.

***  Yesterday Island and Tomorrow Island  ***

These lamps are named after the Diomede Islands which are located in the middle of the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia. Despite the islands being just 2.4 miles apart, there is a 20-hour time difference between the two. Hence they are sometimes called Yesterday Island (Little Diomede in US territory) and Tomorrow Island (Big Diomede in Russian territory).