STAND BY Vondingen

November, 15 2012 10:00

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Sometimes an extra table becomes very useful in a house, but where would you put it? Today we live in smaller houses and it becomes difficult to fit in all our stuff. Wouldn’t it be useful to find a table that you could use and then just take apart and store away in a cupboard?


Jakob Timpe, designer from Berlin, has come up with a light weight table with interlocking trestles that can be mounted and dismounted with no tools, and is designed using the stacking principle.  


Stand” has just been re-launched by VONDINGEN after 12 years, updating its design and creating a more contemporary and functional version. The four legs are connected to a table pedestal with four bars, which becomes jammed when weight is put on the table and therefore enables the pedestal to carry table tops of all sizes and shapes. When not needed, just place the legs in their cotton case and store away.



The trestle is manufactured in a Berlin carpenter’s shop from solid ash coming from local forests. To preserve the simple appearance of STAND, its legs and ribs have not been surface treated. The natural growth habit of ash results in a great variety of grain and colour, but overall appearance and usability are not affected. Over time, the wood will take on a natural patina. 



We knew you would like it as much as we do, so here it is on our Shop page, with a special discount just for you!



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