Ruray Lamp by Irish designer Shane Holland

October, 31 2012 10:00

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Everybody likes a legend. This one comes from the North Eastern coast of Ireland.


In stormy weather, when the wind blows strong and the sea tumbles over the sandybanks within caves and rock fissures,onecan utter an unusually loud and solemn roar, which excited the imagination of the Irish ancestors. The wave ‘Tonn Ruraigh’ in Dundrum Bay, off the County Down coast, has a particularly distinguished melancholy sound that has been much celebrated in Irish romantic literature as it can only be heard and not seen.


© Shane Holland Design Workshop


The legendary wave also inspired Irish designer Shane Holland, in creating the Ruray Lamp – “Ruray” being the simplified version of the Irish wave name Ruraigh.

Shaped like a wave, the lamp is made from a single piece of aluminium with an LED strip to illuminate the reading area with glare free efficiency.


© Shane Holland Design Workshop


© Shane Holland Design Workshop


Designed and produced in his local workshop just 30 minutes North of Dublin, Ruray has received Best Product Design Award 2011 from the IDEA Design Effectiveness Awards, and was present at 100% Design 2012 in London.