Reversed Volumes

March, 14 2013 10:00

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Spring is just around the corner and every time, during this time of the year, I can’t wait to see the new seasonal fruit and vegetables at the market: the bright colours and the variety of food makes me want to fill up my fridge with healthy goodness and natural tastefulness.



Designed by Austrian Studio mischer‘traxler for PCM Design, Reversed Volumes is a collection of bowls shaped like the reverse imprint of fruit and vegetables. Made by filling with casting material the space between the fruit/vegetable and the bowl, once it is set the container is transformed into a detailed and delicate map of the fruit/vegetable used.

The resin bowl is food and water-resistant, and therefore can be used safely on the dinner table.



The Reversed Volumes series include ten different colourful bowl imprints: apple, lemon, orange, cherimoya, pepper, aubergine, napa cabbage, melon, cauliflower and cabbage.



Photos © Studio mischer‘traxler + PCM