Rainbow colors for Cubit by Mymito

December, 18 2012 10:00

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Just in time for Cubit's 4th birthday, Mymito (a.k.a. interior designer Minou Farkhondeh and marketing specialist Thomas Reichel) propose new colors palette with 16 new finishes and natural walnut.


Cubit consists of 25 modules in 8 depths and is perfectly designed to fit all of today’s common media sizes: CDs, books in all sizes, DVDs, LPs, magazines, and files. All Cubits are constructed from MDF and hand-sprayed with several layers of quality paint.
The clever “Easy Connect” stack- and clamp system is based on a groove which runs around the back side of the Cubit module allows tool-free assembly, whether stacked or hung. This simple and stable connection lets you quickly restack, reconnect, and rearrange your Cubit modules at any time.