Rainbow Pencils & Barber Rubber

January, 13 2014 10:00

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There are a few items in everyday life that represent quite a challenge for designers who intend to renovate them. Some of the little non-complex objects that we use every day have had standardized, accepted structures for centuries, thus making it difficult for us to imagine them differently from what we are used to.
This is the case, for example, of stationery.





Young British designer Duncan Shotton succeeded in transforming a trivial and mildly obnoxious task, like sharpening a pencil, into a wonderful delight.
Rainbow Pencils are nothing like your average wooden pencils. Firstly, wood is substituted with a much more sustainable body made by layers of recycled paper. Secondly, as the layers are colored with the colors of the spectrum, each time you sharpen the pencil a little rainbow is produced.





The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter last October and now you can find the Rainbow Pencils on the designer’s website. They come in two colors in a pack of 5, encased in a box made of recycled paper.






The perfect match for Rainbow Pencils is Rubber Barber. This is an even simpler idea than the latter, yet genius.





These erasers, produced by Taiwanese company Megawing have little faces printed on it and so with the use you can produce creative hairdos for these characters.