November, 21 2012 12:00

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If you could record a short video message, what would you say to your family, friends and loved ones?  How much you miss them? Your dinner plans? Your son’s smiley face?


PLAYis the multi-message video memo pad, created by French designer Fabien Nauroy for NATIVE UNION, which allows you to record three-minute messages without using a computer. With a built-in camera, microphone and speaker, and just 3 buttons, Record, Play and Delete it couldn’t be simpler!


“Play” can be carried around, hung on the door handle or attached to the fridge as it comes with a magnetic back and handy strap to keep your gadget safe at hand.

No more missed messages or scrounging around for pen and paper, “Play” is the futuristic video memo pad that you cannot live without!


Native Union Play - A unique way to leave video messages for your friends and family from Native Union on Vimeo.



<< Check out the available colours on the Shop page! Hurry up, sale ends on 4th December >>