December, 29 2012 10:00

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Young Swedish designer Johan Lindstén has created the latest pendant lamp for Cappellini  called Meltdown, a spherical shaped glass lamp, blown by hand into a mold, with dip at the bottom for the light bulb.



Its name and design is in fact inspired by the disastrous events in Fukushima where the fear of a nuclear meltdown was imminent after a tsunami hit Japan in 2011.  The fusion process is interpreted by the light bulb that is about to cross the last barriers of glass, having already melted and misshapen the inner shell.



With a colour palette that ranges from grey, pink, tobacco, light blue, amethyst and amber, these pendants can be mounted in a cluster or linearly. Presented for the first time at the Salone Satellite Milano in 2012, they will be available in production from January 2013 and will be unveiled during Imm Cologne (from 14 to 20 January).