March, 13 2014 17:00

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French marble company Retegui has developed techniques that enable the stone to be considerably lightened and solid at the same time, combining marble with composite materials such as high performance honeycomb aluminum, carbon and fiberglass.

The company’s know-how originates from the aeronautic and nautical industry, giving designers and architects the opportunity to realize any project thanks to these hi-level of sophistication.

It’s a family-owned business, directed by Claude Retegui, and amongst his collaborators is Jean Luois Iratzoki, a Basque designer  who has produced a very elegant collection of furniture and home accessories (tables, shelves, trays etc.), permeated of his poetic inspiration and ability to listen the natural characteristics of the material.


Home and interior design trends shows the use of marble as a timeless material that can be reinvented and combined with multiple surfaces. The Retegui’s collection is certainly one of the most beautiful, practical and surprisingly light that can be found in the design industry.