November, 28 2012 10:00

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Italian architect and fashion designer Alessandra Cioni is behind the label Alua Liulé, a brand based in Berlin that specializes in children’s clothing. Taking inspiration from our grandparent’s traditions and tastes, she designed her Autumn/Winter line that is classic (but not too serious) and playful (but not overly sentimental). She opted for simple forms, classic fabrics like tweed and fun details with colourful linings and clip buttons.



It all started as a hobby for Alessandra, creating and sewing clothes for a new-born in the family. She quickly realised, however, that most shops selling children’s clothing kept outfits in pink and blue for the little ones, then a rigorous grey, brown and black for the older ones.

She therefore started making her own fashion creations with a modern style, sporty but simply made that adapts to children’s play and their countless movements.



Using high quality fabrics with internal linings and minimal seams, the resulting outfits feel consistent and soft to the touch, while being resistant to all children’s activities!



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