Jo Nagasaka wood and resin line for Established & Sons

January, 22 2014 10:00

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The choice of materials is a fundamental step in the design process, as it greatly contributes to creating the “personality” of an object, the feeling it gives to the user.

Pairing materials that come from different spheres of perception can produce striking results, like the ones shown by Jo Nagasaka wood and resin line, designed for Established & Sons.





There couldn’t possibly be a weirder couple than these two materials.

Wood is a warm, natural material. Because it can be put in use without undergoing many productive processes, it comes in a limited variety of shapes and color. The veins and defects that are naturally found in the primary product represent its richness, as you won’t find a piece identical to another. This is one of the reasons that makes wood a quite fancy material.

On the contrary resin is mostly a synthetic and cheap material, but can be easily molded in any desired color and form.




Using a traditional Japanese technique, Jo Nagasaka peels off the surface of the wooden top, exposing an uneven surface. A layer of brightly colored epoxy resin is then deposited: it’s shade will be controlled by the depth of the rough surface.
By doing this Nagasaka preserves the warmth and the elegance of wood, but also gives it a more joyful touch and a convenient functionality.






The line composed by coffee table, side table, credenza and chair presented during the last London Design Festival sprouted from a project that was presented during 2011 Milan Design Fair and it will enrich the catalogue of the British design brand.