April, 30 2012 16:30

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Italian light brands disrupted light concept: luminous objects are no longer untouchable suns that only makes your home brighter and only respond to aestethical criterions, but objects you must interact with and deeeply experience. 'Ipparco' is a new example of this philosophy, it is part of a set of five new lamps developed by paris-based designer NEIL POULTON for ARTEMIDE on show at the 2012 frankurt 'light & building' trade fair.

the table lamp incorporates state of the art 3000K LED to create a halo of light which is both ambient and directional.
the ring is fitted with a powerful earth magnet which allows you to attach the piece anywhere on the structure, such as base or independently to any steel surface.
it invites you to play and to interact, to position it in any orientation, vertically, horizontally, allowing the maximum flexibility.
the total LED power of the product is 11W which emits a warm white illumination outputting 540LM, with an integrated dimmer.