Recycled lamps

March, 22 2012 10:30

Posted inGreen Design

Lamps are a classic of design, somehow like chairs. As you can easily sit down on every surface and by doing so turn it in a chair, you can put a bulb inside something and get a lamp as well.

But light has something magic and you can obtain really stunning lighting objects with the right idea.

There are three kind of eco-lamp:

  • the ones that play on the transparency of some materials (glass, plastic)
  • the ones that take advantage from an existing electric structure
  • the ones that exploit  everything concave.

Starting from the first genre, the quickest thing to do is recycling jars and bottles, better if with a strong vintage touch or a coloured glass. They are perfect whether hung by a thread or a fine chain.



China lamp comes from empty shrimps jars, design by Rabatto



Table top light from Hutch studio



Plastic and paper can be luminescent as well and, as you know, they are the best materials for recycling purposes and for customization.



Paper House Light by Hutch studio



BIC pens lamp





Really, don’t give a limit to your creativity: plastic spoons, BIC pens, beach balls,  fish tanks, old doll dresses



Dress lamp tree by photographer Tim Walker



Beach ball lamps by Toby Sanders


Baskets and ordinary containers are nimbly available and you can think to a modular system for your home, e.g. two or more swing lamps falling on your kitchen’s table, or a set of floor lamps. Wicker basket are perfect for creating a country and cozy vibe.





Hats are concave accessories, so why not turning them into lighting objects? They get a magic touch in this way!




Leaning on an existing electric structure, you can transform in a lamp almost every kind of appliance, from blender to fan.




KOZO lamp by David Benatan




Vespa lamp by Lamponi