February, 29 2012 16:00

Posted inGreen Design

Using something old and ready to be destroyed (wasting new resources to do that) and giving it back a new life through a creative project: that’s design!

What best of pallet and wood crates?: the most common industrial wastes, easy to get and modular.


The pallet chair by Studiomama


You just need to give them a hard dusting to start enjoining  the roughness of the unprocessed wood; perfect matching with high colors and delightfully contrasting with any kind of soft cushioning. Keep on thinking by contrast and try to figure out the coarse wood in white or in soft colors.



Modules can also be assembled, both vertically and horizontally, with no need of any special skill or ability: imperfections like bent nails are consistent with the operation’s mood.



In spite of the strong appearance, pallet and craves’ wood is quite lightweight and you can consider to put wheels under your  item or to hang it up. 



Here just some hints about the post-modern furniture you can create: sofas, poufs, chairs, shelves, tables.


And what if you paint your pallet?