DIY effect for Bobina Design by Emiliano Bona

March, 1 2013 10:00

Posted inGreen Design

DIY means “DO IT YOURSELF”, but it also means modifying and repairing old furniture by transforming an object into something different, giving it a new life and function.

This is the mood of Bobina design by Emiliano Bona, creating furnitures and objects with a unique and original look by using poor materials.


Gargantua bookcase and Pantagruel table


Each object is self-produced and assembled manually. The material used is 90% recycled and it comes largely from industrial coils used for electric cables, from which the project is named. It originates from the desire to combine design, environmental and creative recycling.


Zivago lamps


The project is based on the importance of attention to details and the creative use of materials commonly considered waste.


Bocar chair and Bondolo rocking chair

In the collection each furniture has the name of a literary subject or author dear to the designer, in order to create a link between literature, visual arts and applied arts.


Godot bench

The coils for electrical cables and packing crates are no longer used and transformed through the industrial processes, but through craftsmanship.


Bobary table