Bicycled – What if every car was turned into a bike?

March, 25 2013 10:00

Posted inGreen Design

Conceived by creative agency LOLA Madrid, Bicycled is a series of unique, handmade bicycles made from old car scraps found in junkyards. These unique rides take green transportation to the next level of recycling, with an incredible and inventive transformation of all the different parts. And let’s admit it: it only makes sense that those who choose to cycle instead of driving would be interested in recycled bikes.



Being environmentally responsible is undoubtedly one of the key concerns that brought the Bicycled project to life and the metamorphosis of a former polluting car into an emission-free vehicle is a concept which can be appreciated on several levels, as it’s brilliant to see old scraps overhauled into a more efficient, ecological and healthier means of transportation.



As emphasised in the video, the frame is obtained from various car fragments: car handles become handle bars and interior vinyl finds a new life as bike seat material, transmission belts serve as chains and indicator lights are repurposed as a safety reflectors. It's an ingenious way to use materials that would otherwise be rusting outside, and a whimsical way to envision the future.