(fos) installation at vegan restaurant

October, 23 2013 10:00

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Brightening up the streets of Madrid, the multidisciplinary team (fos) created an artificial light installation in front of a vegan restaurant called Rayen in Lope de Vega Street for four days and four nights (19-22 September 2013), a visual game of perspective and coloured volumes that attracted the puzzled looks of passers by and helped promote the good food of the restaurant.



Installing (fos) to the conga beat!! from (fos) on Vimeo.



In their first ever installation as a group, (Fos), which is the name of both the studio and the project, used 250m of yellow tape, a lamp, painted furniture and some pineapples: simple elements that put together with style and creativity evoked a warm and uplifting feeling in a typical street of Madrid. Indeed, the word (fos) in Greek means ‘light’ while in Catalan means ‘melted’.




“The tape covered both horizontal and vertical surfaces creating a skin which followed the beam's shape. The colour covered the items only where the light fell, regarding the front view'' 





(fos) is a studio based in Madrid and Barcelona and composed by Eleni Karpatsi, Susana Piquer and Julio Calvo: independent architects, interior designers, art directors and graphic designers who decided to join as a multidisciplinary team to create design experiences and, above all, have fun.







Images © (fos)