PROJECT USOMANO I/IV - Drawing the Domus Minima

April, 30 2012 14:30

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From the 3td to the 27th of May NOPX| limitededitionpics presents USOMANO I/IV in collaboration with the curators LACHIMICA Berthollet and the young designer Federico Vota. The project is the first of four events dedicated to the international design with the participation of the top designers Victor Zanotti (Manzi and Zanotti Design Studio), Kazuhiro Yamanaka and Lorenzo Marzoli.

The curators have selected the designers among those ones who have participated in the contest "Autoprogettazione 2.0 organized by FabLab Torino in collaboration with Domus magazine". Lorenzo Marzoli’s project was singled out as being of exceptional merit: On Display.

The objects selected for the exhibition recalling one of the main rooms of houses: living room, sleeping area, bathroom and kitchen. The purpose of the project aiming to create the stratification of the objects and symbols realised for the each exhibition so that at the end of the last event they will have created a basic house like a sort of domus minima not made of walls and structures but of the intimate significance of these creations.

Therefore, USOMANO has been conceived like a neutral space, a blank map, where the objects have the power to express the suggestion of the environment recalled and not vice versa as it normally happens. The project has to be deemed a challenge for the designers who will be free of drawing the perimeter of a new conceptual house grounded on the real function of the objects. NOPX space is the perfect venue for this project also considering that the NOPX's mission is to provide opportunities, resources, services for artists, emphasising emerging talents and encouraging dialogue and experiments  with creative people like designers.


As NOPX’ publishes also limited edition artist books in a broad sense, it cannot help but commissioning limited edition artist books from LACHIMICA Berthollet and Federico Vota for each of the four exhibition. The artist books, realized time by time during USOMANO events, will create a collection expressing the idea on which ground the project has been conceived by the curators: auto- production and open source philosophy to make accessible for any consumer  the manufacturing of the objects. In a nutshell, buying this artist book means to buy the tool to make real an imaginary house: the Domus Minima.
 NOPX is placed in the heart of the historical district of San Salvario which is became recently not only the centre of art galleries, handcraft shops and creative labs but also the meeting point of the night life in Turin.  The opening of USOMANO I/IV kicks off at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday May, 3td. Don’t miss it!



When: From the 3td to the 27th of May

Where: NOPX!gallery via San Salvario, no 30 Turin