Light is in the air @ Milan Design Week

April, 4 2013 10:00

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During Milan Design Week 2013, the Gruppo 24 Ore will be organising a series of events that focus on the role of ‘LIGHT’ and its applications to various communication mediums, from video installations and exhibitions to discussions with prominent figures. The event is called Light is in the Air.



All these events will take place on the 9th April at the main headquarters in Via Monte Rosa 91, building designed by Renzo Piano.




The evening will start with a round table discussion on “Light, art and Design”, moderated by the director of IL Christian Rocca with the presence of Piero Castiglioni (architect and light designer), Francesca Storaro (light designer), Alessandro Colombini (architect and lecturer at the Polytechnic of Milan) and the artists Nicolò Masazza and Jacopo Bedogni (duo Masbedo), who will present their latest video installation called “Ionesco Suite”. Their work draws light and atmosphere from the sublime landscapes of Iceland to reflect on the current human conditions.





The event continues with the audience participating in a sensorial installation called 18-24 La Nuvola al Sole: an instant exhibition on light and lightness, which aims to express the concept of light and colour in architecture, design, fashion and lifestyle, exemplifying the various design solutions applied to living spaces. To follow, the filmLa Nuvola” will be screened in the presence of its author and director Elisa Fuksas and the architects Massimilano and Doriana Fuksas, recounting and testifying the construction progress of the new Centro Congressi in Rome through the eyes of the people who conceived it, designed it and built it.




During the whole event, participants will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition on display at the entrance of the building of the eight winning projects of the “Inner Light Out competition, organised by Inner Design for young emerging designers. The exhibition will then move to a new location at Presso, via Paolo Sarpi 60, where the projects will be on display from the 10th to 14th April.