Inner Design Bike Tour - Review

April, 23 2013 10:00

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Milan Design Week “Fuorisalone” is becoming year after year a complex universe of events, exhibitions and chances to see spots of the city that are not accessible to the public most part of the year.

Despite the fact that we are not given the gift of ubiquity, making the visit of every corner of the city virtually impossible in just one week, having an efficient ride in the jungle of cars that is Milan really helps a lot. Especially when you have an exceptional guide that knows what you really need to see.



Inner Design Bike Tour was this, and much more.

First of all, you couldn’t possibly have a cooler ride than a Rossignoli bike customized with a plaid fantasy thanks to Fix Your Bike by tagmi.

Three days, three different guides, each one picking his own personal tour.

From the first stop of my tour, it was obvious that my guide was an architect: Francesco led the group of designers and design lovers to Villa Necchi Campiglio.



Built in the thirties and expression of Italian rationalism, this beautiful villa is now property of FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano, usually referred to in English as the Italian National Trust) and is open as a museum, hosting various events during the year, including Fuorisalone.



After such a niche corner we moved to a more popular (and populated) spot: Università degli Studi di Milano hosts every year a number of set-ups which are always striking both for their innovation and for the suggestive feelings they evoke. 


Enclosed in the beautiful arched cloister of the “Cortile del ‘700”, a work by architect Steven Holl was displayed: “Inversion” is made up of six blocks of limestone, weighing one ton each, entirely carved by a five-axis mill automatic robot after 3D models by Holl, thus requiring no working drawings.



Riding our bike through the narrow, stone-paved streets of the city center, we arrived in no time to the last stop of this tour, Spazio Rossana Orlandi



In the rooms of her eclectic art gallery, partly colonial house and partly bohemian refuge, Rossana Orlandi hosts young and promising designers from all over the world and promotes their work with a face to face interaction from visitors to customers.


The time’s up, legs are tired and stomachs are empty. After having shared such a lovely trip around the town (luckily blessed with a sunny and warm weather) why not share the meal too? Our destination for lunch was Presso, a new concept space in which a group of people can “rent” a kitchen to prepare a meal to share in conviviality or, as in our case, have an expert chef cook in front of you a nice dish of orecchiette and a chocolate soufflé to die for.






The tour is over, going back to Inner Design HQ at Rossignoli shop I can’t help dreaming of buying that bike with the plaid fantasy right away and get back in the hectic crowd of Fuorisalone.


Make sure you don’t miss the third edition of Inner Design Bike Tour! See you in 2014!