Helsinki Design Week 2012 - Venturo House and Design Market

September, 9 2012 18:40

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"Ok. Let's go outside". (Unfortunately) in just a couple of hours we finished our tour of the Old Customs Warehouse and we had to head back out on the streets on a freezing september day. 

Not far from the 19th century building, in an open space along the seafront, we saw an old-style pavilion, hidden by a white fence, making it almost invisible. On the fence the title "Lathi: Biennale '13" finally identifies this strange object as one of the most innovative Finnish 70's design: the Venturo House.


Venturo House, a modular bulding system


Venturo House, structure detail


Made by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, the Venturo is a modular, easily transportable building system,  designed for minimum assembly on site. If the outside shapes seems almost crumbling, the inside space is very comfortable and specially warm.


The Cable Factory


On the other side of the city, near the south marina, we visited the Cable Factory. This renovated factory contains one of the most popular events of Helsinki Design Week: the Design Market. This year, the event is larger than ever. So many brand and design companies bring their extra stock to this sale and bargain hunters can find furniture, clothing and household design.


The Design Market


Design Market main hall installation


Tunto's products on sale


Decorated pillow on sale


From 13th to 16th of september the Cable Factory becomes a living centre for art and design with Lego can't miss it!