Hallingdal65 exhibition

May, 15 2012 09:00

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Kvadrat, the famous textile company will present at ICFF 2012 an exhibition completely dedicated to one of his best-selling products: Hallingdal65.

Hallingdal fabric "was designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1965. Since when it has become as famous for its durability as for its rich colour palette. Today more than forty-five years later it remains one of Kvadrat’s best-selling products and has earned its place as a design classic. A familiar fixture in public spaces, hospitals, schools and homes, Hallingdal 65 is a textile that holds many associations for many people".

To celebrate the longevity of this fabric, Kvadrat invited 32 international designers to create new objects by using the material and exploring new application for its wide palette.


Here's my brief selection of this amazing projects...



No35 Automatica Carcanapé
designed by Bless
For this project Bless chose to use Hallingdal 65 to create a car canopy, offering their services to create made-to-order bespoke covers for supercars in a play on the car as a status symbol. Fitting snugly around every contour of the car thanks to some deft pattern cutting, the Nº35 Automatica Carcanapé can also be used as an interior element or piece of furniture, padded with foam and parked in the living area.



Hide & Sleep
designed by Studio Greiling
Katrin Greiling’s daybed is a shelter for the traveler, a space to temporarily seek solitary comforts, to hide, relax, sleep and reflect. Its tent-like structure pays homage to the traveling Bedouin tribesmen, whose lifestyle has long embraced this cosy, yet highly flexible residence.
Hallingdal 65 is used as a cover for the mattress as well as the roof. Supported by a metal structure, the roof can be adjusted with ropes to form an open or closed space.

designed by Miguel Vieira Baptista
The cupboard is designed from the inside out. The exterior clearly reveals the wooden construction within, leaving a clean and free inside space for loose drawers. The contents of the cupboard, meanwhile are protected and hidden behind four coloured squares of fabric hung from the structure.

designed by David Taylor
With their friendly, uncomplicated form factors lending the mirrors a playful character, David Taylor intends them for use in intimate environments where the user and object can interact and create an easy, down-tempo comfort zone.


designed by Ionna Vautrin
Including a toucan, a panda bear and a whale, each animal is around the same proportions as a small child (at around 1 m high), making them extra huggable for all ages, and encouranging younger generations to relate to them as a friend.


designed by Mermeladaestudio
The form evolved from the various childhood memories of the Mermelada partners, while Welcome’s construction design is inspired by a typical Chinese lantern. A skeletal structure of rings holds a skin composed of two colours of the Hallingdal 65 fabric. This outside structure of the house is carried by an interior pole fixed at the base and top. The base, a wooden disc padded with foam and upholstered, is lifted from the bottom through five feet.



Where Jil Sander Showroom, 30 Howard Street (corner Crosby Str) - NY, 10013
When 18 - 22 May 2012, open daily 11am - 6pm