Exhibition: “The future is here: a new industrial revolution”

June, 19 2013 10:00

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London Design Museum has announced a new exhibition opening on the 24th July looking at the latest technologies in design manufacturing that are transforming our world.



Form Labs. Copyright Andy Ryan



In collaboration with the Technology Strategy Board (UK’s innovation agency), the exhibition looks at how the boundaries between designer, producer and consumer are disappearing with the arrival of 3D technology. The museum will host a workshop ‘Factory’ where visitors can see and interact with the live production of objects by choosing the designs and assembling the parts of the final product. As well as 3d printers, the technicians will be operating a small laser etcher or cutter.





The revolution in design manufacturing is also happening thanks to the development of funding operations: with the arrival of crowdfunding websites the public can donate money towards their preferred project. Which is why during the exhibition Design Museum and Made.com will invite the public to vote for a new piece of furniture that will then go into production by using the crowdfunding experience and will finally be sold on Made.com





Other exhibition highlights include creating action dolls called Makiedolls, micro community manufacturing workshops funded by Lambeth Council and learning about the process of manufacturing a Puma biodegradable shoe.  



“The future is here: a new industrial revolution” is open from 24th July to 3rd November at Design Museum, London.