October, 26 2012 09:20

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We found it in Area Strijp at Natlab Torenalle, but Sint Lucas school actually doesn't exist, yet. The exhibition takes indeed place in a rough, work-in-progress building where the school will be soon located. The project is to join two existing design schools and getting a new, more comprehensive one in the new location. Tagline of the event is the self explanatory: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.


In a country where design is an attitude, something perceived as a real resource in finding solutions (not just an applied art somehow apart from everyday life), something you breath all around, design is also something you learn at school at high levels. So during the Dutch Design Week, all design schools join a sort of competition trying to look each one at its best. But you can also clearly perceive that the shown quality is not just for the occasion but true and permanent.


The location and the installation of Sint Lucas are in a few words: simple yet consistent and strong in communicating school's personality and intents. 

Let's start from the building: no doors yet windows (and the few existing were broken or damaged) just scaffoldings outside, scraped walls and a purifying sense of emptyness.


One of the main classes of the school is graphic design so it's easy to understand why also from this angle nothing has been left to chance: the corporate image of the event is indeed a two-colour graphic motiv referring to the industrial nature of the location. Have a look at how fans perfectly matches the graphic environment -or how graphics well combine with the fans-!

Besides Graphic design, the school also offers classes in: Interactive Media, Audio-video, Game design, Interior and Exterior design, Decoration and installation design. The exhibition during this DDW edition is a graduation show of the best students' works, that so range among the above design fields.


Each project has an entire room at its disposal, making the space very suggestive and inspiring.





Chain necklace by Roon Van Eijnden


A multimedia installation

As easy to figure it out, this place is very attractive to young people, especially for those who find themselves in the moment to choose their future. And this location is perfect for touching, tasting and interacting with design.