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1913 – 2013

This year we celebrate 100 years of the iconic Dutch furniture brand Pastoe, renowned for its modular and stacking elements, a true innovation of the 1950s that is still going strong today.


 Scholten & Baijings Shift, 2012, Pastoe.


The Pastoe style is based on cubist inspiration, with cabinets and storage boxes that can be connected and extended depending on the need. These were initially designed for the traditional small Dutch houses prevalent in the country, hence the need for flexible and accessible furniture.





Pastoe, name derived by the principle of passe-partout, is also known for its collaborations with famous designers, architects, artists in the advertising and graphic industry and photographers, giving the brand a strong communication identity as well as revolutionary ideas. Simplicity, timelessness and craftsmanship are the qualities identified in the furniture produced by Pastoe.


Introduction 125M - Pastoe, ©Jan Versnel - 1965



To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Kunsthal Rotterdam will be presenting a comprehensive exhibition called “Like Pastoe: 100 years of design innovation” from 23rd February to 2nd June 2013. The exhibition will illustrate the rich history of the furniture brand and provide a unique overview of its various collaborations. There will be three main themes: Archives (a history of Pastoe presented with designs, sketches, photographs…), Environments (Pastoe’s vision on the architectonic space) and Visions (the search of new perspectives on product development including work by designers Naoto Fukasawa, Claudio Silvestrin and Scheltens & Abbenes).



 Aldo van den Nieuwelaar, A'dammer, 1978, Pastoe.


 Shiro Kuramata Parapluie standaard, 1986, Pastoe


 Cas Oorthuys, Fabriek, 1952, Pastoe