MACEF Design Award, January 2012

February, 20 2012 15:15

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The 92nd edition of Macef International Home show took place in fieramilano at the end of January 2012 and revealed the home-décor trends for shops and trade operators for the coming season.

In total there were 1,900 exhibitors in 100,000 square meters of fiera (14 expo halls); although smaller than previous years its primary focus was on Italian quality and tradition with a renewed attention to sustainability.


As in most furniture fairs today, also Macef celebrated its 3rd edition of Creazioni Giovani Design Award. Four under-35s were selected from a panel of experts to exhibit their designs at the fair for free. The objective is to promote young creatives that research, innovate and express themselves by challenging the daily living.

The four winners are Christina Biliouri (Greece), Chiara Martina Jarno Trentin (Italy), Antonella Di Luca (Italy) and Francesco Ardini (Italy).


Christina Biliouri: ‘Transensing project’

With this project, London-based Christina concentrates on the social aspect of design by creating glassware for the blind, or the partially sighted, to help them overcome the exclusion from everyday social life.


Christina Biliouri: Transensing project


The series of objects work in three different ways. Firstly there is the “Where am I” glass (middle in the image above), that can be used to find the partner around the room by listening to the sound it makes when you fiddle with it. The second is the “In between bubbles” glass (with a coloured base), again with a similar aim, but this time you can hear your partner by placing your ear on your glass. And finally “The sound of memories”, a glass that records all the sounds of the evening, by turning it upside down you can listen and share the memories.


Chiara Martina Jarno Trentin:

Recycling and re-creating are key for this young jewellery designer from the outskirts of Venice. She collects buttons and anything really that can be transformed or moulded into a necklace.


Chiara Martina Jarno Trentin Logo


Chiara Martina Jarno Trentin: Waterfall collection


Antonella di Luca: ‘Vassoio Battista’

‘Mr. Less & Mrs. More’ is the name of the studio that Antonella di Luca and Ubaldo Righi set up for their work in industrial design, interior design, exhibition design and retail.

The ‘Vassoio Battista’ is a tray made with a coloured folded metal sheet designed to keep your hands protected from the heat of the transported goods as well as making sure the objects to do not fall from the tray.


Antonella di Luca: ‘Vassoio Battista’



Antonella di Luca: ‘Vassoio Battista’


Francesco Ardini: Contemporary art ceramics

Francesco, ceramic designer, conceptualised the need of freedom by creating structures that cannot be kept still and explode into bubbles, thus creating a sense of movement that contrasts the main character of this material.


Francesco Ardini: Proliferazione