Eco-creative: and the winners are…

March, 6 2012 11:25

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First of all, let’s start by saying that we are really impressed. Impressed by the works you sent us. Impressed by your creativity. But most of all, impressed by the enthusiasm you all showed towards this great challenge: finding “green” and eco-friendly ideas, all in the name of design.

It was hard to make a selection. The projects you sent us were a lot, coming from seventeen different european countries and all very interesting. But this is life, and only some of you will make it to the Design Week in Milan.

The selected projects will be exhibited in the window of the historical shop Rossignoli, situated in the strategic heart of Brera.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the winners of the Eco-creative contest:



Art Terre, Paris

CYCLO, ecodesign coat stand



Salvaged bed slats and bicycle wheels for an unconventional coat stand.



Jorien Kuipers, Eindhoven

Sunday Morning Breakfast Packaging



Small sculptures made of paper pulp. A set of delicate objects for the ritual of breakfast.



Malafor, Mierzesczyn (Poland)

BLOW SOFA, an eco do-it-yourself sofa


100% recycled paper, thin metal structures and rubber straps: the essential for a flash sofa design.



Andrej Malinin, Stockholm



A special table completely made of paper, assembled and finished with water-based materials.



REDITUM, Cologne

MOVEO. The well-travelled shelfing system



Pallets, bicycle tubes and scrap metal turned into a handmade, fully fitted furniture.




APOTHECA, eco-vintage lights



A set of lightning objects inspired by ancient apothecary’s word. 



UseDesign, Luca Scarpellini, Forlì

DOLBY -Evergreen Project-




An audio system for Ipod set up by a discarded coffee maker and two cups.



Michael Kostantin Wolke, Cologne

Beute lamp, the beauty of roughness




Discarded materials processed till becoming cardboard and then turned into raw material for lightning objects.


Congratulations! Selected winners will receive an email within the next days. Should this not occur, please contact us at and mention “Eco-creative winners” in the email object.


The Inner Design team would like to thank all other participants. We will certainly come up with something new, so stay tuned!