spanish pavillon for floriade 2012 designed by Pulgon Disegño

August, 6 2012 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

The Spanish pavillon for Floriade 2012 designed by Pulgon Disegño states: "Naturalmente diversos".

The concept behind the building effectively reflects that slogan by underlining all those formal elements referring to nature:

  • The pavillon  arises literally from the land,
  • Wood -artificial- trees drive people inside and grant the continuity between exterior and interior,
  • The colour palette refers to the colours of natural resources,
  • Some of the materials, serving both as support and as coating and paving, have had different previous uses: wood from fruit boxes, planks and wood from building works, demolition beams, sleepers. Others come from remainders of agriculture products such as nut shells or trunks from burnt forests.

The overall effect of the Spanish pavillon designed by Pulgon Disegño is cozy and full of life: sooooo "spanish"! ;)