Urban Revitalization Superkilen

April, 11 2013 10:00

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If you think about the combination of bicycle-urban space, you say Copenhagen!

If you think about how floor design can become an architectural project, you say Topotek 1!




The result is obvious: a fun and exciting mile and a half of urban cycle path through the heart of what is the most cosmopolitan and ethnically diverse city in Denmark. Superkilen is its name.



Nørrebro is a neighborhood of the capital city where you can find space for a project about, first of all, sociality and racial integration, in response to the violence generated by the coexistence of a multitude of races from around the world.



The architecture of Topotek 1 and BIG together with the art of Superflex, raises the challenge of intolerance with an open invitation to share space, traditions and culture. This is possible thanks to the installation, along the entire path, of a number of objects, games and sculptures strongly representative of the ethnicities in Superkilen: each of the 57 ethnic communities of Nørrebro must be represented by at least one object in the park.



As the authors explain, "Ranging from exercise gear from muscle beach LA to sewage drains from Israel, palm trees from China and neon signs from Qatar and Russia. Each object is Accompanied by a small stainless plate inlaid in the ground describing the object, what it is and where it is from - in Danish and in the language (s) of its origin. "


This wonderful project fully reflects the nature of the city and generates an amazing open air exhibition of global diversity in an urban scale.

Enjoy it!




Copenhagen Denmark
Urban Revitalization Superkilen




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  Hanns JoostenIwan Baan via europaconcorsi.com