The Corner House by Integrated Field

July, 11 2013 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

Integrated Field is the Thai-based design office that developed Baan Moom, a house inspired by the owner’s love for nature, open spaces and gardening.





Built on 3 floors to generate maximum space, the architects positioned the bedrooms and living spaces facing north or east to avoid the scorching heat and provide the right level of daylight in the living areas. The bathrooms, on the other hand, are facing west for greater natural ventilation.





The reason why this house is called Baan Moom, which in Thai means “corner house” is because the architects have created two types of corners in this house: the ‘individual’ corner and the ‘shared’ corner which radiate from the central triangular staircase on each floor.







These private and public corners are flexible and can disappear in an instant, for example like the corner on the ground floor living space that connects the room with the outdoor pool deck via sliding glass doors, or like the top floor terrace that leads directly to the rooftop.






Rotating doors, indoor hammock, panoramic views of Bangkok and an outdoor projection theatre are just a few of the fun and playful details that this house contains!







Images © Wison Tungthunya and Integrated Field