Skyhouse in New York

January, 8 2014 18:00

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Skyhouse, by architect David Hotson and interior designer Ghislaine Vinas, is a penthouse apartment in lower Manhattan New York, situated on the top of a late 19th century tower next to Frank Gehry’s rippled residential tower.





Having never been used as a residential space before, David Hotson had the opportunity to transform this volume into a liveable and fun space, adding a quadruple-height living room, a glass attic, indoor balconies and a slide.







The interior verticality of the space mirrors the views that can be seen from the penthouse, the surrounding Manhattan skyscrapers. The slide, made from polished stainless steel, spirals down through all floors and rooms, taking you easily from the attic to the main living room in seconds, ending in a rectangular-styled installation.







"This is a complex interior with a number of dramatic elements. The four-storey stairwell twists up through the centre of the apartment while the four-storey-slide provides a quick trip back down."





SKYHOUSE | official version from Build Pictures on Vimeo.




Images from Dezeen