Living in a 4m x 2.7m space

May, 14 2013 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

4m x 2.7m is the size of a prison cell. Would you have the courage to live in it, to make it your home and not feel trapped within those 4 walls?



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This brand new housing concept conceived and designed with the help of inmates from Spoleto’s correctional facility is called Freedom Room, a project to design the essential low cost home that could potentially be used for temporary and social housing, hostels etc.






Limited by the size of the home, designers Aldo Cibic, Tommaso Corà and Marco Tortoioli Ricci in collaboration with Spoleto’s inmates, created multifunctional modules and objects that are flexible and adaptable to use within a constrained space. Complete of all the basic necessities, the 9 square metres are fully exploited: living room, kitchen, bathroom and study area, and not forgetting storage space.













"By listening to the needs and stories of how prisoners use space, exploiting every inch and reducing each element to its essential, came the idea for different cell, in a different space." (Marco Tortoioli Ricci, founder of CoMoDo).





Could this be the future of our homes? Who knows, but certainly these modules could support urban renovation, social innovation and re-shape communities in urban areas and neighbourhoods that have been neglected.