May, 16 2012 16:40

Posted inArchitecture

Some time ago someone introduced us see-through bathrooms as a new home trend. And how about see-through houses? What if they were inspired not by new-generation architectural concepts but by ancient people inhabitating trees?


 This see-through house is called “House NA”, it is located in Tokyo, Japan and was built by Sou Fujimoto Architects


“The intriguing point of a tree is that these places are not hermetically isolated but are connected to one another in its unique relativity. To hear one’s voice from across and above, hopping over to another branch, a discussion taking place across branches by members from separate branches. These are some of the moments of richness encountered through such spatially dense living,” says Sou Fujimoto.

“The white steel-frame structure itself shares no resemblance to a tree. Yet the life lived and the moments experienced in this space is a contemporary adaptation of the richness once experienced by the ancient predecessors from the time when they inhabited trees,” says Sou Fujimoto.

With regard to the opening questions, we would answer that we really appreciate the great amount of light offered by this house, but we also value our privacy.