Glass Farm by MVRDV

January, 28 2013 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

At first glance it might seem that a giant glass case contain a brick building with a thatched roof hut and the square white wooden windows.

But then, slowly approaching, you notice extravagant shades on the walls, as if the matter were to lose texture and thickness, which reveal the mystery: a simple and subtle membrane printed glass reproduces a farm of the most typical Dutch rural and vernacular tradition.




In the main square of Schijndel, stands a monument to the past, a reassuring work of contemporary architecture that responds to the needs of the community to preserve the memory of tradition and ancient culture, and which contains, shops, restaurants, offices and a wellness centre in a total surface area of 1600m2.

The building is located in the market square of small Dutch town Schijndel, where MVRDV partner Winy Maas grew up. The town suffered damages during World War II, and Maas has been campaigning since the 1980s to replace a destroyed structure in the space between the church and the town hall.



Many Years later (and after 36 failed proposal) the architects and the town council agreed to develop the site within the traditional building envelope specified by the town planners.



MVRDV reinterpreted this volume in glass, then compiled photographs of traditional local farmhouses by artist Frank van der Salm and created a collage of images to apply to each surface of the facade.

Using a fritting technique the architects were able to print the images straight onto the glass, creating the illusion of brick walls and a thatched roof.



A lot of glamour and fun in a traditional flavour: as usual great MVRDV!