Denmark: “Blue Planet” aquarium by 3XN Architects

June, 13 2013 10:00

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The small town of Kastrup in Denmark recently opened the largest aquarium in Northern Europe (late March 2013) designed by local studio 3XN Architects.





Inspired by the shape of a whirlpool, the building connects the sea and surrounding land with its circular structure and water-like features, drawing the visitors to discover the hidden secrets of the underwater universe.







The circular glass-roofed foyer allows natural sunlight to filter in through a pool of water, creating the feeling of being immersed in the deep blue sea. The natural swirl-shaped structure then guides the visitor to the various dedicated sections of the aquarium, where one can admire the over 20,000 fish and marine animals present in the building.




Image © blå planet



Located next to the Øresund strait and overlooking the magnificent landscape, the visitor can visually connect the surrounding environment with the concept of the aquarium. 











Images © Adam Mørk