Lego Interior Design @ NY

March, 5 2013 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

Playing with Lego might be one of the first DIY experiences we have as kids and no matter how old we get, these little coloured bricks seem to hold a special place in any architect or designer’s heart.



Photo by Travis Dubreuil


The astonishing renovation of the Marks-Caride New York apartment, designed by I-Beam Design with the help of artist Sean Kennedy, has its stand out piece in its staircase, partly made with over 20.000 white, red, blue and yellow Lego bricks, which pieced together create a Mondrian inspired design.



 Photo by Travis Dubreuil



The project took only two weeks of intensive work to be completed but the playful, colourful, modern end result shows that Legos are good for much more than just child’s play.


Photo by Travis Dubreuil






Architect/Designer: I-Beam


LEGO® Artist/Installer: Sean Kenney Design