May, 4 2012 09:00

Posted inInner Ideas

More and more often the benefit of design or fashion is no longer functional but emotional. Experience is all and is made by dreams and feelings.

Following this common thread among design and fashion, it is born the hybrid project by Japanese brand ISSEY MIYAKE. Half dedicated to clothes (132 5) and half to Home-furniture design (IN-EI lamps), with the brilliant collaboration of Italian brand ARTEMIDE, bringing its high-level know-how about luminous objects.

What about the collection naming 132 5? There is an explanation referring to the concept of the project: 1 is the unique piece of fabric the lamp is made of, 2 are the dimensions the fabric is folded into at the beginning of the creative process, 3 is the three-dimensional ultimate result.

The project has been exhibited during Milan Design Week at Corso Como 10.