Superbude Hotel – Hostel St. Pauli Hamburg

July, 30 2012 08:00

Posted inInner Style

For the design of SUPERBUDE HOTEL - HOSTEL ST. PAULI the brief DREIMETA STUDIO was given was: cheap materials + creativity + references to the seaport nature of the city of Hamburg. And these are the amazing results.


A location that is half an hostel and half a design hotel but -overall- is a unique place in the glamorous district "Schanze".


Architects used local supplies and repurposed materials, like the wallpaper that is made by layers of old newsapapers -the Hamburger Morgenpost  and the Hamburger Abendblatt-

The Superbude Hotel – Hostel St. Pauli, has 90 rooms -able to host up to 270 people- and a Rockstar-Suite fully equipped for young rock bands.