Origami Chair by Sooin Kim

February, 15 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Style

Origami is the ancient art of folding (ori) paper (kami) until a simple sheet is transformed into a 3D frame.

For many years, now, Design has employed the art of transposing the countless types of folds onto a larger scale making it suitable to use for furniture and objects of daily use.

This technique, that does not require glue or screws, has the great advantage that it can create low-cost design objects, it is reversible and eco-sustainable, and it can potentially be reused infinite times.

Origami has also been applied to chair design.




An example is the concept chair called “Cardine”, developed by Korean designer Sooin Kim.

It is a folding chair formed with only 1 sheet of plastic and two pairs of velcro that in just a few seconds can be opened or closed as you like.




Images by yankodesign.com