IkHa Restaurant

June, 25 2012 14:00

Posted inInner Style

IkHa RESTAURANT is the translation of IKEA concept to a restaurant interior. This could also sound as the umpteenth "Ikea hacking" action, but there is something more.

Not only the spaces are created using the budget-savvy Swedish brand's products in new ways (=product hacking) but the trade-mark Ikea concept itself has been re-used and re-purposed (=concept hacking) by the architects of OATMEAL STUDIO: Like an Ikea showroom, diners enter the restaurant to navigate through aisles and rows of shelving to find the dining room. Orders are written on paper with pencils, and when the meal is prepared it’s sent by plastic tray through the shelving system to reach the table. Diners can customize their place setting by cutting their own preferred placemat and flowers.


The restaurant is located in the Filmhouse theatre in The Hague, the Netherlands, and can be visited until 30 July.