FRONDESCO Tapestry by Statue

January, 31 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Style

Frondesco” is a colourful and eye-catching canopy created by Statue, a French studio composed by interior architect and scenographer  Louise de Saint-Angel and Romain Guillet.


Frondesco textile canopy (prototype) © VIA 2013 – Marie Flores



In Latin, “Frondesco” means covered with leaves, which in effect gives the idea behind their creation. This woven textile is hung to the wall to create a cosy private sub-space in the room, giving the ambience a colourful 3D decoration as well as providing acoustic insulation.

When not needed, it can easily be folded flat against the wall thanks to its wooden bracket arm that swings horizontally.


 Frondesco textile canopy (prototype) © VIA 2013 – Marie Flores



As part of VIA Design 2013, a non-profit association that promotes contemporary design in France and abroad, “Frondesco” by Statue was exhibited at Maison & Objet in January 2013.